Authority Brands

Published on
September 1, 2022

Authority Brands is a hybrid brand with 12 unique franchises. They have a network of more than 1,000 franchise owners providing elite marketing, advanced technology and strong operational support. They focus on providing the best-in-class systems so that every franchisee is able to deliver world-class service.

List of Authority Brands 12 Franchises

  1. ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company
  2. Benjamin Franking Plumbing
  3. The Cleaning Authority
  4. Color World Painting
  5. DoodyCalls
  6. Homewatch Caregivers
  7. Mr. Sparky
  8. Monster Tree Service
  9. Mosquito Squad
  10. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
  11. STOP Restoration
  12. Woofie's

Learn More About These Brands

If you are interested in Authority Brands or one of there franchise brands, contact us or schedule a call with our franchise expert Jay Friedman.

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