Spray Foam Genie Franchise

Published on
January 15, 2023

Franchise Concept

Spray Foam Genie is a solid franchise brand focusing exclusively on spray foam insulation. The company is powered by world-class quality foam from Rhino Linings. Spray Foam Insulation is more energy efficient than traditional fiberglass and blown insulation due to its ability to fill in even the smallest spaces. In addition, spray foam can get into every crack in your home to ensure you have an air- and water-tight seal.

Services offered for residential and commercial properties:

  • Crawl Space & wall encapsulation
  • Retrofit attics
  • New Construction
  • Sealing out air pollutants, allergens, and insects produces a sound barrier.
  • It fills gaps to create a vapor barrier, sealing out moisture and air and reducing the growth of mold that can lead to allergy and asthma attacks.
  • Concrete Lifting and Leveling

This Franchise Buy the Numbers

  • Franchise fee:  $62,500
  • Investment range:  $167,500 – $289,200
  • Required liquidity:  $150,000
  • Minimum Net Worth:  $250,000

The above numbers are based on the Spray Foam Genie 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Please refer to their most recent FDD for financial details.

Day in the Life of Spray Foam Genie Franchisee

The Spray Foam Genie franchise is one of the few franchises that can be operated in a fully absentee role, which is excellent for investors looking for better than stock market returns. Franchisees need to spend about 2 hours a month overseeing the business.

Franchisees also can operate the franchise as a full-time, owner-operator, or semi-passively, spending about 10-15 hours per week.

Full-time owner-operators focus on three key roles:

  1. Run the day-to-day business
  2. Hire and manage employees.
  3. Manage marketing
  4. Manage financials

Part-time, semi-passive owners focus on the following:

  1. Hiring and managing a manager.
  2. Manage the financials
  3. Oversee the performance of the company

Fully passive, absentee-investor owners:

  1. Meet monthly with the franchisor and manager to set and review key performance indicators (KPIs)

Franchise Key Facts

  1. Unique absentee-investor, fully passive franchise
  2. A low start-up investment model
  3. The business is a fast start-up and offers a quick ramp to income
  4. Proprietary management software
  5. Durable and quality products
  6. Dedicated call center
  7. National sales team
  8. Globally recognized franchisor executive team

Get More Information on the Spray Foam Genie Franchise

If you want to learn more about the Spray Foam Genie franchise or other franchise brands, contact franchise expert Jay Friedman by booking a call on his calendar now to learn how?

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