Scary Strokes Franchise

Published on
November 18, 2022

The Scary Strokes Franchise concept incorporates today's most popular amusement options, including a unique blacklight indoor 18-hole mini-golf course, virtual reality Omni Arena, and the latest state-of-the-art arcade games.

Scary Strokes has been voted #1 Best Fun Things to Do and #1 Best Date Night in our corporate location due to our unwavering dedication to a top experience every time. Our concept incorporates the most popular amusement options in the industry today, including a unique blacklight 18-hole mini golf course, full-motion virtual reality Omni Arena, and the latest redemption arcade games and prizes. With multiple revenue sources and our expert support team, Scary Strokes is a winning franchise opportunity you will want to be a part of!

Day in the Life of the Franchisee

From an operations standpoint, the franchisee oversees the customer experience and ensures that our “2nd-mile service” is implemented and properly executed. They are the leaders in providing Scary Strokes stand out above the competition. Franchisees should be entirely in tune with the day-to-day operations, from greeting customers and handing out golf clubs and cooking food in concessions to being able to be an attendant for the VR Omni Arena and troubleshooting arcade games when a problem arises. Although staff will be hired to maintain the center and will be an extension of the franchisee, the franchisee sets the tone and creates the culture for the brand. The franchisee should know every aspect of the business for the brand to be successful. We are 90% service-based and 10% product based.

From an overall company standpoint, the franchisee ensures everything is organized, and the team has a clear communication path. They will place orders for redemption, food, drinks, and anything else the center needs. They will do bi-weekly payroll and local advertising for their specific center. They will network in the community and be the face of the brand. When staff is needed, they will facilitate hiring events and select the best candidates based on our proven interview process bringing in the right people for the job.

Once established and understands the workflow and operation requirements, the franchisee can hire a qualified general manager to do most of the day-t0-day operations. An ideal Scary Strokes franchisee will want to provide the best service possible and maintain an ultra-clean venue. Experiences and Cleanliness are the values upon which every Scary Strokes is built. These two values truly make Scary Strokes the destination for families and friends to go to over other entertainment competitors.

Key Franchise Owner Advantages

  • Potential to be profitable in the first year
  • No other mini-golf course like it, where you walk through corridors with themed murals
  • Flexible work schedule to meet lifestyle goals
  • Create lifetime memories for customers
  • A fun Business to own
  • Low overhead and minimal inventory needed
  • Scary Strokes is on the cutting edge of technology in the family entertainment industry.

Scary Strokes Franchise By the Numbers

  • 2022 Franchise Fee: $35,000
  • 2022 Investment Range: $639,200 to $1084,500
  • 2022 Liquidity Requirement: $100,000
  • 2022 Net Worth Requirement: $1,000,000

Want More Information on the Scary Strokes Franchise Opportunity?

If you want to learn more about this franchise or other options, contact franchise expert Jay Friedman by booking a call on his calendar now to learn how?

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