Threshold Brands: Doorway to a Better Life!

Published on
September 1, 2022

Threshold Brands is a hybrid brand with 10 top-ranked, unique franchise brands. Threshold Brands offer a highly curated collection of home service providers. They focus on making repair, maintenance and enhancement of your home easier so you can focus on enjoying your home. Their tag line is a "Doorway to a Better Life".

Threshold Brands: A Hybrid Franchise Brand

Threshold Brands include these 9 franchise brands:

  • Heating & Air Paramedics
  • Granite Garage Floors
  • MaidPro
  • Men in Kilts
  • Patio Patrol
  • PestMaster
  • Plumbing Paramedics
  • Sir Grout
  • USA Insulation

Franchise Brand Positioning

  1. Heating & Air Paramedics:
    • Franchise owners stand out from the crowd thanks to a tried-and-true business model that's teaming with industry leading benefits.
    • From the hottest services to the coolest partnerships, franchisees have what it takes to help garner a strong clientele that's eager to work with your team for each season's needs.
  2. Granite Garage Floors:
    • A franchise of professionally-installed epoxy coating systems for residential, commercial and industrial markets
  3. MaidPro:
    • Professional home and commercial cleaning services.
    • MaidPro has been revolutionizing the home cleaning segment from day one.
    • The franchise is implemented using industry-leading technology innovations, franchisees scale businesses at incredible rates and expanded our own reach with multiple brand acquisitions.
  4. Men in Kilts
    • Professional house cleaning services.
    • The Men In Kilts brand is fun and friendly, but when it comes to the quality of our franchise opportunity, we're all business.
    • Franchisees offer interior and exterior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, house washing, and pressure washing for residential and commercial properties.
  5. Patio Patrol
    • Quality outdoor pest solutions
    • Patio Patrol offers superior mosquito, flea, and tick control services to our customers.
    • Franchisees utilize industry-leading processes to help them excel in the field in accordance with Integrated Pest Management protocols—the recognized, eco-friendly standard for long-term pest control.
    • You'll attack pests at their source, with natural pesticide options, to provide superior service your customers will rave about.
  6. PestMaster
    • Pest management with environmentality for residential & commercial.
    • PestMaster is a leader in eco-conscious, family-friendly pest management services.
    • The franchises revolutionary approach to pest control and proven franchise model offer aspiring entrepreneurs like you the opportunity to grow a stable business of your very own.
  7. Plumbing Paramedics
    • Plumbing Paramedics is a family-run franchise that's transforming the plumbing industry.
    • From just one truck and a small warehouse to fleets of vans and technicians ready for dispatch, our brand has continued to grow year after year.
  8. Sir Grout
    • Grout, Tile & Stone Restoration Specialists.
    • Sir Grout is a distinctive hard surface care brand that leads the industry, one grout coloring appointment at a time.
  9. USA Insulation
    • Premium residential retrofit insulation services.
    • USA Premium Injection Foam® Insulation flows into small, narrow spaces and fills crevices that traditional insulation products cannot reach.

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