Hybrid Franchise Brands

Published on
September 25, 2022

Hybrid franchise brands are large multi-franchisor systems. Some of the largest companies are multi-billion dollar corporations, that offer dozens of different franchise concepts. The benefit of this type of company, that they know extremely well what it takes to be a successful franchisee.

Their franchise owners experience the quickest ramp-up times and have a very low risk of failure. Because of the size of these companies, they have entire departments with many employees dedicated to franchisee success, including marketing, sales, operational support, and more. Many often operate large call centers and other resources that reduce the overhead on individual franchisees.

These companies are intrapreneurial and innovation-oriented, constantly evaluating how to renew and grow their business. Another key benefit for franchisees is that once you own one of their franchises, it's much easier to grow and scale your own business by adding new, complementary franchises from a company you already know and trust.

Hybrid brands deliver well-defined products and flexible systems and are generally first to market with new concepts. Their level of sophistication, training, ideation, and support is often second to none.

List of Hybrid Franchise Brands

  1. Authority Brands
  2. FirstService Brands
  3. Neighborly Brands
  4. Outdoor Living Brands
  5. Premium Service Brands
  6. Threshold Brands

Learn More About These Brands

If you are interested in one of these hybrid franchise brands, contact us or schedule a call with our franchise expert Jay Friedman.

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